About Hayyak - Business Facilitation

Hayyak is a part of IPC Group, established in 2012; Hayyak is a hosting company providing foreign companies with diverse solutions and facilitation for operating in the Saudi Market.As a full business facilitation entity, Hayyak provides business solutions ranging from consultancy, business planning, to market entry strategy. Hayyak uses its powerful commercial capabilities in the Kingdom to offer a unique service that encourages overseas partners to choose Hayyak, as it makes investing in KSA a smooth process without complications, and supports clients to the best execution.

Hayyak team ensures that the business values and capabilities of the foreign partner not compromised and their KSA presence is representing their global image accurately and not conflicting with KSA business environment. Hayyak believes in business without barriers and has already applied this concept in KSA helping in creating a dynamic economy that benefits the Saudi Community and the overseas partners. Hayyak aims to encourage a large scale win-win situations in KSA business environment.