We believe that the success of any company begins with the grace of God Almighty and then with the integrity, honesty and transparency of its employees and customers. We appreciate your honesty and efforts in making the work environment a better place. Speak up and do not hesitate, our values are created to be fulfilled, and lived by on a daily basis.



This Speaking Up Policy provides Stakeholders (employees, management, directors, service providers and others) with a secure, confidential way to report concerns about misconduct.

Protection Period

This Policy will provide our employee up to 3 months protection period for investigation purposes. This to help highlight any misconduct, IPC aim to maintain a culture of integrity, transparency and trust by encouraging Staff to Speak Up when they have genuine concerns.

Speakup Award

Our Values is a top priority at IPC. We depend on our employees to speak up and advise us whenever they see a misconduct or issue.

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This Procedure is equivalent to what is commonly termed as whistle blowing. IPC is also fully committed to developing a Speak up culture – Employees and Associated Persons should not be afraid to Speak Up if they think that something is wrong or needs to be fixed.


To report your concern please use the speak up FORM. Talk loudly to be heard, you should speak up so that IPC can hear you and take an action.


You will be receiving an automated email with a reference number, confirming that your concern has been received and its under process. The associated parties will be contacted you Within 48 hours for further investigation.Your concern is highly important to us and IPC ensures you the confidentiality of the submitted data.